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Special Programs Services


Integrated Branding

“Mission is Everything”.   Every aspect of advancement is rooted in mission. At its core, it is a process of nurturing understanding, appreciation and commitment to mission.  Your brand therefore is a reflection on how your extended mission is witnessed, expressed and appreciated by your multiple stakeholders.  We will help you best position your brand to celebrate your unique offerings, enhance engagement and increase financial support through identification of authentic attributes, articulation of core values, formation of an enhanced graphic identity and development of a unique and compelling tag-line – each of which will differentiate your community, build engagement, and drive enrollment and philanthropy.


Partnership in Catholic Education

A federally copyrighted and licensed product of The Advancement Counsel Inc., this material is licensed by schools, parishes or diocese to engage key stakeholders and the tuition paying parent community in contributing the charitable difference between stated tuition and the actual cost to educate - raising awareness, deepening understanding, eliciting responsibility.


Cost of Education Partnership ©
A licensed product of The Advancement Counsel Inc., this material is licensed by schools or diocese to secure the charitable difference between stated tuition and the actual cost to educate. This material informs and educates parents of the true value of the education their family receives and solicits a personal commitment to contribute above and beyond stated tuition toward the actual cost.


Advancement program assessments

Counsel will analyze, evaluate and suggest ways to strengthen your current program, including both long-range and short-term goals for obtaining understanding of and support for your mission. This effort will entail strategic stakeholder interviews, data analytics, program metrics and operational protocols.  We will review all means of revenue generated within the advancement program, including analyzing your entire advancement program in light of staffing model, operational practices, national standards, and philanthropic outcomes.


Capital Campaign feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a key step in determining campaign readiness.  As counsel our process will culminate in  effectively analyzing the two primary factors that lead to campaign success – institutional readiness and philanthropic readiness.  Our effort will entail screening, prospecting, and interviewing top gift and key multi-constituent prospects.  Upon completion of this review, a report outlining interest and opportunity will be presented detailing a comprehensive review of your internal capacity for a campaign and the community support, prospect inclination and potential leadership required for success in any campaign.


Case statement preparation

If the strategic plan is the precursor to any successful campaign initiative, then the Case Statement is the foundation from which any campaign effort should be initiated.  Counsel will develop a clear, concise, and inspiring Case as a call to action from potential investors in the future of your organization. The Case forms the articulated philanthropic goals and aspirations of your community.   

Strategic Consulting


Capital Campaign counsel and management

We pride ourselves on managing Capital Campaigns in a systematic way that maximizes prospect involvement and investment, through differentiated Identification, Research, Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship strategies. From engaged leadership training sessions to instituting a comprehensive and integrated campaign timeline; from multi-media opportunities to giving brochures; from a communications plan to gift solicitation forms and acknowledgments; from industry standard reporting methods to donor-centered stewardship standards, we partner with you to ensure a comprehensive, strategic, timely and successful campaign.


Board and volunteer leadership

We review existing volunteer leadership opportunities both within the school and the advancement program in order to provide assistance in establishing a good organizational model. This effort will ensure that the existing talent and leadership available - both on the staff and from volunteer groups - are organized into the most effective team possible, while involving more people in the life of the school. Counsel will provide detailed recommendations on committees, structure, roles and responsibilities, and volunteer recruitment.


Maximizing Your Annual Fund

Counsel will implement a comprehensive annual giving program for all constituencies. Strategies will be developed for overall annual fund management and segmentation, leadership committee recruitment and structure, direct mail, phone-a-thon, reunion giving, matching gifts, and personal solicitations. Counsel will also work with your team in developing a fully segmented, highly integrated annual fund.


Enrollment Management Assessments

Counsel will analyze, evaluate and suggest ways to strengthen your current enrollment management effort, including both long-range and short-term goals to affirm existing strengths and provide strategic and tactical recommendations that would enhance your overall approach. 


Enrollment Management Planning Sessions

A series of integrated workshops for diocesan, parish and school leaders centered on general marketing, target marketing, recruitment, application, acceptance, enrollment and retention. Attendees receive a resource manual complete with copies of all presentations and practical samples of best practices.


Special event management

We provide direction on existing special events with the intent of maintaining a cohesive community while also avoiding volunteer and constituent burnout. These guidelines will address the who, what, when, where, why and how of hosting special events. In addition, we will discuss the strategies for conducting successful social and fundraising events that raise funds, funds, build community, share your vision, and cultivate prospects for enhanced and sustainable support.


Alumni and constituent relations

Analyzing, evaluating and suggesting ways to strengthen your relationship with your alumni, parents, parents of alumni, and grandparents, to prepare a plan to involve each more effectively in the life of the school, this effort will focus on the formation or enhancement of any existing associations, class agent program, class and school-wide reunions, and homecoming, locating lost alumni, strategic communiqués and other constituent programs. All in order to advance the long-term interest of each constituency in the life of your organization.


Prospect research

Counsel will advise you on how to identify, qualify and segment your top prospects and constituents by capacity and inclination in order to develop a personalized strategy for cultivation and solicitation.


Donor relations and stewardship

The Advancement Counsel provides creative and personalized stewardship standards for prospect tiers within the advancement program. Recognizing stewardship is not the last step of the gift received, but rather the first step toward the next gift it will be strategic to embrace new found stewardship standards to further engage qualified prospects in the life of your organization.


Audit and Design of a Communications Plan

Counsel will review all existing communication methods and publications and guide you in preparing a communications plan for consistent and comprehensive relationships with all constituencies. Strategies and programs will be suggested for strengthening overall visibility and credibility among your primary and secondary constituencies through your programs of public relations, publicity, publications, and  social media.


Major gifts and planned giving counsel

Counsel will work with your team to develop an ongoing program to build resources through major and planned gifts---one that would complement your existing advancement program for many years to come.

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